✨ Emotional Interfaces ✨


Emotional Interfaces V.01

Part of the Wrong Biennale 2019-2020

Curated by Astrid Lours-Riou and Virginie Tan

Made with —

CSS3 Clouds by Jaume Sánchez
CSSVR by Keith Clark
90's Cursor Effects by Tim Holman

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How do you feel, today?

Everything happens so much on our screens and its interfaces, through constant flows and streams. Being swamp by an abundance of informations, the Internet’s digital interfaces have consequently impacted and engineered new types of behaviours.

Emotional Interfaces is an explorative and curatorial space in which we discuss the following — how digital interfaces have been shaping emotional behaviours?

Per se — emotions have been codified into emojis and call to actions, but they aren’t a direct translation of the mentioned but simply outputs. While active elements only act as the emotional bits, it’s features such as —read— that might the ones leading to in-between voids of emotions that weren’t actually felt.

We feel more when I don’t like anything — so let us ask again — how do you feel, today?

We hope you enjoy your experience here.