Filipe Vilas-Boas

Filipe Vilas-Boas (1981, Portugal) is a new media artist currently living and working in Paris. Without being a naive tech utopist or a reluctant technophobe, he explores our use of technology and its political, social and environmental implications. His installations and conceptual artworks question the global digitalization of our societies, mostly by merging our physical (IRL) and digital (URL) entities. From streets interventions to robotic hacks, Vilas-Boas’ artistic research takes multiple forms but everything tends to point out our need to collectively decide and design our world.



[skrohl-uh-thon, -thuh n]
Finger race born at the beginning of the XXIst century with the advent of touchscreen technology on mobile phones.
Scrollathon is digital critique, a humorous attempt to point out our serious addiction to mobile phones and digital platforms. Why do we feel that need to check our feeds continuously? Why those little screens get such an amount of our attention? How does it shape our daily lives and our body? We keep scrolling down from the early morning to the late night. But where are we running to with our fingers? Whatever the speed and the destination reality will catch us. And unfortunately today hyper-connection already means massive hyper-solitude. It looks like we should definitely educate more ourselves to our brand new digital tools/toys. Screens must not intermediate the majority of our human interactions. We need to learn to better manage our time online. Otherwise, our free time can no longer be named that way anymore.

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Stefanie Luchtenberg

With a background in communication design Stefanie Luchtenberg pursues research-based, artistic projects. Her work is often concept driven and evolves around the visible or invisible relationships and interactions between digital technologies with their human users. Stefanie studied communication design in Dortmund/Germany and received her MA degree at Sandberg Instituut, Amsterdam in 2018. Her work has been shown in Künstlerhaus Dortmund (2014), U2/Dortmunder U (2015), WORM Rotterdam (2017, 2018) and as part of Telemagic's 1 MOP Cinema at Macau Design Centre.


intimate mode

Immersed in a stream of images, texts, and videos, Stefanie Luchtenberg explores how life is mediated through digital interfaces. Designed to go unnoticed, Stefanie draws attention to the sense of comfort that the constant presence of the scroll bar, the search box, and the blinking cursor bring.
What these interfaces frame is our social interactions. Beyond the screen, they infuse our thoughts, our behaviour, and our expectations. Observing the ways in which we live in and through these devices, Stefanie shows how new forms of intimacy emerge through our daily experiences with our devices.

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