Emma Cozzani / Mathieu Tremblin

Emma Cozzani was born in Ajaccio in 1980. Her body of research breaks down the shapes of objects of knowledge and transmissions networks, and their re-implementation at the digital era β€” between fiction and facts.
Mathieu Tremblin was born in Mans in 1980. He is inspired by anonymous ways of expressions and practices, the autonomy and spontaneity found in the urban space. He plans out out processus or simple and playful actions to question legal, representative and symbolics systems of the city.

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French Lovers

French Lovers is an email art proposition existing only through inbox of its users and inspired by the The Language of Stamps. The Language of Stamps is an old way of bringing secret signification to a letter using the orientation of the stamp on the envelope, within a secret code shared by sender and receiver. Code was also used during war, so lovers can inform each other about theirs thoughts despite the censure.

How to install: to test it, you must download and decompress the archive below. Then go to chrome://extensions and activate the developer mode in the top right corner. You can then import the extension by clicking on "load the unpackaged extension".

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Harmonie Aupetit

Harmonie Aupetit was born in GuΓ©ret in 1989 and now living in Nanterre. She is a self-taught artist, defining her approach and aesthetic as DIY – mixing different fields and mediums to produce hybrid work. She started with GIFs animations, and exhibited in 2016 in majors GIFs festivals such Y a des GIFs qui se perdent in Saint-Etienne and The Gifer in Turin.


Long Weaving

Long Weaving is a GIF animation which mixes hand embroidery and vintage picture. It brings together digital and craft work. The Internet allows us to create affective relationships through our screens by interacting with the means of likes, emojis, comments, etc., sometimes with people we never met in person, or that we only meet briefly. It seems to be easier and faster than real life relationships, but emotional ties are still as long and fragile paths.

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